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Toner for EPSON S050010/S050087


(1). Specifications: 1)Toner Power Compatible For Epson 

2)Product code: ES-01 

3)Cartridge No: S050010/S050087 

4)Toner for use in Machine: EPL-5700/5800/5900/6100 

(2). Our advantage: 

 1)Supply free samples

 2)100% test before ex-factory 

3)Greater transfer efficiency 4)Better fusing 

5) High Density

 (3). Neutral Packing: 1)Plastic bag for toner powder(bulk packing-10kg per bag and 2 bags each carton) 2)Aluminum foil bag and bottle for toner powder in different size 

(4) Professional Toner Manufacturer

                 Technical parameters of the toner
         Appearance          Black mico-powder,without any agglomeration
         Image Density          1.48
         Background          < 0.02
         Fixing          > 90%
         Wastage          < 5%

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