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Toner Cartridge Canon NPG20

FOR USE IN model:NPG20/GPR8/EXV5 machine:IR1600/1610/2000/155/165/200/2010 Weight:400G
  • IR1600/1610
  • CN-04

Product Description
1)Toner Power Compatible For Canon
2)Product code: CN-04
3)Cartridge No:NPG20/GPR8/EXV5

4)Toner for use in Machine:IR1600/2000/1610/2010/IR155/165/200

(2).Our advantage:
1)Supply free samples
2)100% test before ex-factory
3)Greater transfer efficiency
4)Better fusing
5) High Density

(3).Neutral Packing:
1)Plastic bag for toner powder(bulk packing-10kg per bag and 2 bags each carton)
2)Aluminum foil bag and bottle for toner powder in different size

(4) Professional Toner Manufacturer

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