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New & Update Products

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Nanjing Teshine Imaging Co.,Ltd launched new & update products as follows recently:


1.Product Code:RC-10            Cartridge:SP5200N              For use in Machine:SP5200D/5200S/5210DN/5210SF 

2.Product Code:HP-11         Cartridge:CF226A/X               For use in: HP PRO M402DN/M402DW/M402N/MFP M426DN/M426FDW

                                                 Cartridge:CF228A                   For use in:HP M527/M526/M403D/M403DN/M427DW

3.Product Code:CN-14            Cartridge:NPG-53                  For use in:IR-ADV6075/6065/6055/6255/6265/8105/8095

4.Product Code:XE-15             Cartridge:CT202873               For use in:Docucentre2210/S2210N/S2210DNA

5.Product Code:HP-12            Cartridge:HP108A/HP110A   

                                                 For use in:HP Laser NS1020/1020C/1020W/NS1005/1005C/1005W

                                                                    HP Laser103A/107A/107R/108A/107W/108W

                                                                    HP Laser MFP136A/136W/136NW/138P/138PN/138PNW

6.Product Code:SM-12       Cartridge:ML T-D201           For use in:Xpress M4030ND/M4080FX


1.Product Code:KM-24          Cartridge:TK3160/3161/3162/3163/3164      

                                             For useinMachine:EcosysP3045DN/P3050DN


                                             For use in Machine:EcosysP3050DN/3055DN/3060DN  


                                             For use in:EcosysP3055DN/3060DN

2.Product Code:SM-04          Cartridge:MLT-D101S         For use in Machine:MLT-D101S ML-2161/2165W/2166W/2162G/SF-761P

3.Product Code:MT-09A        Cartridge:MT-09A            For use in Machine:HIGH QUALITY

4.Product Code:RC-05-1        Cartridge:RC01/02/03/04/05    For use in Machine:HIGH QUALITY

5.Product Code:BRC-07BK/BRC-07C/BRC-07M/BRC-07Y   Cartridge:TN223/227BK  TN223/227C TN223/227M TN223/227Y           

  For use in Machine:HL-L3210CW/L3230CDW/L3270CDW/L3290CDW  MFC-L3710CW/L3750CDW

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